Product of the month: Supa wild bird feeders

We’ve loved seeing so many varieties of wild bird in our garden over the last few weeks with summer finally on its way. From robins (yes, robins are still around in early May!) to goldfinches, and swifts to woodpeckers, we’ve been blessed with visits from lots of our feathered friends.

What’s the secret to our success in attracting these colourful and sweet-sounding birds to our garden? Using good quality feeders and keeping them stocked full of sweet treats and seed varieties that our visitors just love! That’s why we’ve selected Supa wild bird feeders as our May product of the month.

Supa Wild Bird Fat Ball Feeder

What is it?

Supa offers a complete range of wild bird feeders for all varieties of garden visitor and all garden environments. Their feeders are suitable for all types of bird feeds, including peanuts, seeds or fat balls, as well as specialised food such as Niger seed or mealworms. The range varies from value for money basic feeders to premium, high-quality feeders, so there are options to suit all budgets.

The Supa range includes:

  • Plastic peanut or seed feeders offer a cleaner and easier to maintain option for garden birds
  • Easy-fill peanut or seed feeders feature a unique access port in the base to allow the feeder to be filled more easily. The designalso features a secondary metal cage ideal for deterring squirrels from eating the seed or peanuts
  • Wooden peanut or seed feeders for a more natural look
  • Cage peanut or seed feeders help to deter larger birds such as pigeons or doves, as well as squirrels
  • Metal peanut or seed feeders offer a stylish alternative to plastic feeders and a high quality construction at value prices
  • Specialised feeders:
    • Suet block feeders with a base tray to act as an additional feeding station and guard against debris falling to the ground
    • Premium fat ball feeders designed for feeding netted and loose fat balls
    • Standard fat ball feeders that come with a plastic cap to prevent small birds getting trapped
    • Suet pellet plastic feeders designed to allow the birds to feed from the wire mesh section while the large plastic reservoir keeps the food dry, allowing for longer-lasting feeding
    • Mealworm feeders made of plastic and featuring a large base tray that acts as an additional feeding station and caters for birds that prefer a flat feeding surface

Who are Supa?

Supa was started by British Army veteran Reg Hutchinson after the Second World War. The business originally developed from Reg’s Coldwater and Tropical fish hobby and began in 1949 with the manufacture and supply of fish food and accessories. When Reg retired, his son Mike took over and developed the business further, establishing a reputation for efficient product development and providing quality fish supplies, wild bird feeders and accessories. The majority of the firm’s products are manufactured in their factory at Sheffield and Supa has become one of the UK’s leading names in fish and wild bird supplies.

Why do you recommend their products?

  • Supa feeders are long-lasting, hard-wearing and easy to hang from trees, fences, washing lines or hooks
  • They are deGoldfinch on feedersigned to minimise the escape of seed, suet, peanuts and other debris so there’s less mess and they’re less likely to attract unwanted visitors to your garden
  • The Supa range is extensive and caters for all types of wild birds as well as offering a variety of designs to suit different types of garden
  • As much as we love it when the local squirrels pay us a visit, especially when they have youngsters, they do tend to gorge on bird seed or peanuts and scare away the birds. Supa’s range is specially designed to deter squirrels with a caged construction used on many of their products. But squirrel-lovers rejoice – they also offer a range of metal feeders that are suitable for use for feeding our furry friends, so you could always hang an extra one of those out in a different part of the garden!
  • Supa products offer quality and durability at a great price. Their budget option is perfect for bird-lovers who want to hang multiple feeders without breaking the bank. Before you know it you’ll have feeders hanging from every nook and cranny, with wild birds galore seeking out seed in your garden on a daily basis.

To find out more about the Supa range of products, or to see which we have in stock, please check the caged and wild birds section of our website or call us on 01303 813893. You can also pop in to our shop at Potten Farm, Sellindge and view our range. We’re open seven days a week and our opening hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-2pm on Sundays.

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